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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Ankara | İstanbul

If the breast looks too small in relation to the rest of the body, this can affect well-being and self-confidence. Some women have always had very small breasts. In others, the breast loses volume as a result of pregnancy, weight loss, or age.

Many people then think of breast augmentation to help their breasts regain their size and shape.

Breast augmentation in Turkey, Regardless of the reason you want breast augmentation: With Propal Health

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, your dream of beautiful, firm breasts can come true! As a premium provider, we guarantee you advice and treatment from qualified and experienced specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

The breast augmentation itself is carried out at all locations using modern, gentle methods. We observe strict, uniform standards for maximum quality and safety. The risks of the operation are therefore minimal.

Have you been dreaming of a beautiful, full breast for a long time? Then make an appointment now for a non-binding consultation!

Breast Augmentation – Surgery Cost

What does breast augmentation cost? Many women ask us this question right at the beginning. However the prices of breast augmentation can vary.

An important factor in calculating the cost of breast augmentation is the method. Does the patient opt for breast implants or breast augmentation with autologous fat? In the case of breast augmentation with autologous fat, there are additional costs for liposuction, and in the case of implants, the sum for the silicone cushions.

This is how we calculate the prices of breast augmentation:

Implant or autologous fat?
What technique is breast augmentation performed with?
Does the operation have to be combined with a breast lift?
Costs for material required for breast augmentation: implants

, sutures, bandages, support bra
Anesthesia: general or local anesthesia
Length of stay in the clinic
Treatment in the weeks after the procedure

At Propal Health; you will therefore receive an individual cost estimate as part of a detailed consultation and examination. You will get to know your treating specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery personally.

When it comes to experience reports on breast enlargement

, you should make sure that these come from women with similar desires and requirements. You are also welcome to ask your doctor during the consultation whether he can show you pictures of a patient’s breast before and after.



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