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The Brazilian Buttock Lift in Ankara | İstanbul

The Brazilian buttock lifting with autologous fat is a method that was originally developed in Brazil and has become increasingly popular in Europe in recent years. If the desired buttocks shape cannot be achieved despite intensive training of the buttocks muscles, then modeling the buttocks with autologous fat – the Brazilian Butt Lift – is the ideal solution.

The aim of the Brazilian butt lift is to achieve the buttocks shape desired by the patient through targeted modeling with autologous fat. The autologous fat transplant results in a gain in volume in the desired areas, which is accompanied by a tightening of the skin on the buttocks. The autologous fat required for the transplant is obtained through gentle liposuction. Depending on the individual situation of the patient, the autologous fat is obtained from the zones with excess. Care is taken to work out the transition zones to the bottom. The waist is emphasized and the outer thighs are harmonized with the bottom.

The Brazilian Buttock Lift in Ankara | İstanbul

The method of the Brazilian Butt Lift can on the one hand enlarge the bottom. Depending on the patient’s wishes, a beautiful, more feminine bottom shape or a bottom lift can also be the goal. The Brazilian Butt Lift is the procedure of choice for a perfect beach body – a beautifully shaped body with a firm bottom. Why? With the Brazilian Butt Lift, liposuction also shapes and reduces the areas around the buttocks (hips, flanks and thighs). A slimmer waistline is the result. The BBL shapes the whole body.

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